The b-plus Group is with more than 240 employees an international leading development partner for advancing technologies in the fields of autonomous driving, driver assistance systems and the automation of mobile machines.With its development tools, automotive software and mobile automation divisions, it offers its customers a wide range of measurement technology, software and hardware.As a long-term partner, b-plus accompanies its customers from the identification of the problem to the implementation of the development solution and beyond.The teams at the Deggendorf, Regensburg and Lindau locations work hand in hand to provide comprehensive and holistic solutions.

●   BRICK - the system


The ADAS measurement platform BRICK is especially designed for the data acquisition of high-bandwidth sensors, ECUs, etc. The platform with an acquisition speed of 24Gbit/s combined with the BRICK STORAGE Add-On offers a logging storage up to 64 TByte.

With the BRICK MI Add-On it is also possible to integrate customer-specific PCI express-cards. Due to the compact rack setup, which is optimized for small space in the vehicle, you can install the whole system solution with less wiring effort.


●   MDILink - Measurement Data Interface

MDILink is used whenever you want to extract raw data from advanced sensor technology such as cameras, radar or LIDAR. With its modular design, it offers conversion to 10 Gbit Ethernet (converter) or extraction of the raw data stream (TAP mode).

The modular concept makes it easy to adapt different LVDS or CSI2-based SerDes interfaces such as FPD-Link 3 or GMSL2. In addition b-plus offers a flexible physical adaptation to the selected sensor chip.

At its end it provides you with sensor data on a standard 10 Gbit Ethernet line which can be easily transferred and analyzed with measurement platforms. It thus enables early access to the raw sensor data for the development of algorithms.


●   AVETO.app Recorder - Data acquisition and recorder for automotive sensors and ECUs

The AVETO recording software records raw data from sensors and ECUs in the vehicle. The software is focused on high-bandwidth sensor raw data - e.g. cameras and radars - and associated bus data - e.g. Automotive Ethernet, CAN / CAN_FD.

The software is designed for demanding logging solutions in the Multi-Gigabit range, that is essential for the latest generation of driver assistance systems and autonomous functions.