LEV Motor Controller
The motor controller is one of the key components of electric vehicle. Its major function covers, the transmission of operation condition information via electronic throttle, instructs motor to work, adjusts the corresponding working current, voltage and speed to complete start, acceleration, operation, braking and other working conditions of vehicles. At the same time, it also manages the discharge power transmission and energy recovery within the energy battery pack while vehicle is running.
The common used voltage level in small EV are 48V, 60V, 72V, 96V, 108V, 144V, 160V, rated power coverage from a few KW to dozens of KW. For those model which reached the "double 100" standard will entitle to the Government subsidiary.
System features
·   This low-voltage with high-current applications increases the requirement for cooling, installation and device. Devices mainly made up of aluminum substrate with radiator process and multiple parallel chip MOS
·   Require consistent, high power density, high reliability and low parasitic inductance MOS tube, mainly D2PAK-based
·   With Infineon leading technology, Infineon’s MOS products are able to cover from 100V-200V with high reliability, which can fulfill the requirement of full series of product of customers. This is no other semiconductor vendor can provide
·   Infineon's latest technology of the fifth generation of Optimos5 can provide higher parameters and better value products
System Diagram
Major Models