Television Power Supply
The 220V / 50Hz AC voltage provided by the grid is rectified and filtered into 300V DC voltage, then convert into 12V/24V/48V DC voltage output through a switching mode power supply to power-up the TV light bar (CRT, LCD, LED, OLED). TV internal DC-DC or LDO circuit convert 12V into 5V/3.3V/1.5V or other voltage level, to supply power to the logic control circuit.
To increase power efficiency and satisfy size requirement, expect the higher power density on semiconductor, the switching mode power supply control chip integration is also an important design index. At the same time, digital control method is gradually recognized by the market.
System Features
· Provide industry-leading performance High-voltage and low-voltage MOSFETs. SMD package can meet the demand of ultra-thin size TV. Excellent EMI characteristics and extremely low thermal resistance which reduce the difficulty of engineers in EMC and thermal design
· A variety of protection mechanisms build-in control IC to meet the needs of the TV power supply
· Multiple PFC operating modes control IC, can meet the different requirement of customers
· Comprehensive selection on AD/DC and DC/DC driver IC, can meet the different topology, voltage and power
· Integrated PFC and LLC digital power control IC for 75W ~ 300W TV power supply
System Diagram
Major Models