New Energy Vehicles 48V Inverter/DCDC
The 48V system refers to a low-cost and fuel-efficient technology solution promoted by several German automotive manufacturers. This is a light-hybrid energy system and can be viewed as an upgraded version of the start-stop system. 48V is system voltage, and replace traditional lead-acid batteries by lithium-ion battery, with BSG motor replacing the traditional start motor and generator. It is not only having the idle start and stop function, but also has the function of engine downtime taxi, glide and brake energy recovery, acceleration power and electric cruise.
System Features
Full series products including voltage regulators, transceivers, sensors, microcontrollers and intelligent power drivers, etc.
Leading Infineon OptiMOS ™ MOSFETs combined with a durable package for superior performance and excellent current capacity
MOSFET rectification can reach higher efficiency of AC alternator
High output current capacity within low RPM of AC alternator
Support advanced mode: engine brake simulation, vehicle sail / cruise, electric car start
System Diagram

Major Models