New Energy High Voltage PTC Heater

PTC heater is an important component of new energy vehicles in the air conditioning system and battery thermal management system. With suitable heating solutions, the battery pack can be heated to work in an ideal environment, extend its service life, shorten the charging time, increase the mileage, and also bring warmth to the user quickly to improve the comfort of driving in winter.

The PTC controller adopts a dual MCU architecture, with electrical isolation between the high and low voltage zones through an isolated power supply, and one of the digital isolators realizes the interaction of all information. It is characterized by safety, reliability and precise control.

System Features
Automotive industry standard products including power modules and discrete solutions
Integrated Isolation for Gate Drivers
High reliability achieved through dual MCU control for low voltage and high voltage isolation
Wide range of 16- and 32-bit microcontroller solutions dedicated to (H)EV applications
Evaluation kits available to reduce system development time
Automotive Standard Communications (CAN)
System Diagram
Major Models