Shanghai G-Pulse Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, as a member of INTRON Group. Aiming at local automotive industry customer, G-Pulse provides corresponding products and services to each stage of Automotive Electrical Control Unit products development cycle.

●   G-Pulse SP37/PMA Programmer

SP37 / PMA programmer is designed specifically for SP37 series and PMA series chip programming , efficient and easy to use. Can be online or offline programming, and can meet the requirements of client customization, such as secondary development, locking, write serial number and user ID, etc.



·  Specialized for SP37 Series and PMA series chip programming operation, such as Erasing and Programming, Verifying, Locking operation;

·  Can be used with PC software to download, which is convenient to develop

·  Can be independently programmed when offline without PC, which is convenient for mass production (external expansion offline switch is required)

·  Power supply directly via USB interface (+5V power supply can be used when offline)

·  Can charge the target chip directly when programming without additional power supply

·  Buzzer and LED error indication (Extensible external interface)

·  Reliable and efficient Programming (all Flash offline programming time: Empty sheet <6 seconds, rewrite <9 seconds)





●   G-Pulse Downloader

G-Pulse Downloader is a tool supporting ECU re-flash via CAN interface. This is a customer specific product used for downloading embedded programs.



·  Flash ECU via the CAN bus

·  Support all Kvaser CAN interface products

·  Based on transport protocols UDS, ISO 15765, and SAE J2534

·  Provide security access mechanism

·  Support hex file format 

·  Fool-style operation, even suitable for the production line or maintenance workers

·  Provide customized flash process for your particular application